Photo from present day Saint Augustine Florida, 2021
(23 years later).

Lighthouse – You’ll See

1 Can Opening
2 Intro
3 Weird Tempo
4 Conscience Cookie
5 Sassafras
6 Bottle
7 I Am a Clown
8 Conspiracy
9 Alien
10 Lighthouse
11 Wonderful Life
12 Beautiful B's
13 C (Outro/Hidden track)

Steven Frederic Dunn – Vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar
Tim Heck – Additive percussion/other
Dave Hunsberger – Violin, sax
Tina Myers – Vocals, viola, cello
Aaron Nowokowski – Drums, congas, timbales
John Vietti – Bass

     Originally this album was released as a compact disc, hence numbering of tracks above. I drove out to Nebraska to pick up the box of 1000 discs. Most of us went to college in the fall of 1998, so the copies were forgotten. Lyrics to Sassafras written by Christine Hedger (on copyright in 1998, she's listed as Christine Monika Myers "Tina"). Songs often practiced and developed as a cowriting team. Recorded during the summer of 1998 around some of our high school's graduation. Band members included: Christine Myers, Aaron Nowokowski, John Vietti, Timothy Heck, David Williamson, Dave Hunsberger and Steve Dunn. Recording engineer: Chad Moore at Hot Ham and Cheese Studio in Chicago, IL with assistance from our friend and production specialist Russell Whitmore.

Some of the guys we used to collaborate with are pictured in this high school dance photo of the gentlemen. Third from left to Fifth from the right in order left to right: Tim Heck, Dave Hunsberger, Steve Dunn, Ben Castner, David Williamson and Joey Garris.

Pictured near Libertyville Metra Station: Tina Myers, Aaron Nowakowski and John Vietti (left to right).


Song order: iwillseesomethingbreathtakingiseealightwebelieve see.