SKMillion – Victory


1 Moon Song (1:10)
2 Needle in the Hay (1:38)
3 Spread It Thin (2:25)
4 Something You Don’t Believe (2:45)
5 Fiery Eyes (2:14)
6 Nadie Pueda Hacer Nada (3:10)
7 Attica (2:51)
8 Alone (2:10)
9 No More Light (3:03)
10 Victory (3:55)


SKMillion – Victory (B Sides)


Taboo (2:15)
10,000 Islands (4:06)
Fine, Thank You (4:01)
Sad Stories (2:44)
Angel Girl (3:19)


Some songs originally from a burn to CD called Lucky Plus may have originated in writings done in Seoul, South Korea. Others were experimental music videos or writings inspired by life in Taiwan and international travel. Single releases and additional tracks are updated to a 2021 vision in theme. Overall vision created during the years of 2006-2011, but "Nadie Pueda Hacer Nada" was finished later and shared for Hard Rock Rising on ReverbNation in early 2014. "Fiery Eyes" has unknown completion; possibly imagined during my Berklee College of Music years (2001-2003). "Fiery Eyes" is dedicated to Diana.  “Alone” features Nate Harper on slide guitar and an instrumental track inspired by Al Pacino quotes in Dog Day Afternoon and Scarface, has been recently renamed “Attica”. Other posts mentioning release: Almost A Breeze (10/1) Victory Update (10/4)

Almost a Breeze – October's here and I'm watching The Mummy. I decided to take a quick break to announce the sequel to SKMillion's Luck. Originally music videos and a working title burned on disc as Lucky Plus, this new release will be a slightly different collection with no duplicates as Luck. The titles may not mean anything to some of Ckwal's readers, so you'll have to be patient until the copyright is made and cover artwork is decided upon. "Alone" features Nate Harper on slide guitar and an instrumental track inspired by Al Pacino quotes in Dog Day Afternoon, and Scarface has been recently renamed "Attica". Lyrics are mostly typed out and track lengths make it possible to go to vinyl if interested.

Victory Update – Did a mockup in the middle of the night for the cover of Vitory. A new recollection of songs from mostly South Korea and Taiwan between the years of 2006 and 2011. Ten tracks with playlist on this recent post. During my final months in Taiwan, suffering from health issues and growing pains in life, Nate Harper joined me to teach in Taiwan. Eventually taking my place, we recorded documentary footage and did some outdoor performances until I unfortunately had to leave the country. One was in front of students and parents at the school and another in Taichung, unplugged in the park. Also we videotaped practices on rooftops. It was short lived as my time there was unraveling, but it summarized the musical foundations that became Luck, The Previews, Lucky Plus, various music video experimentations and most of this album. Nate played in open mics with me too in Seoul years before and is playing slide on "Alone", a song that was one recovered of many iPod recordings lost. The notebooks are still around with several hundred pages during those years teaching ESL in Asia that is in works to be edited and published. What a better time than this to develop songwriting while keeping the language simple for the native speakers of Korean, Mandarin, Hokkien/Min Nan and what have you? Nate's idea then was to cover an album with band name SK Pro and showcasing the headlight of a motorcycle reflecting on my crash in Cambodia which put me in a volatile state of recovery. The one pictured was a reliable Sym that rarely had problems and could carry two through even a storm reliably.

*Update 10.6 Album copyright fee was provided by Nanna Lamb and application submitted last night. Release still on schedule for December 31st at 11:59pm.


Official album cover (featured image) at the top (or left if viewed on desktop computer) is copyright: hellhide (Elena Butenko of Bulgaria). Thanks to Pixlr app for stylized lyric sheet editing capability.