I’ve been gathering lyrics or typing them along with images surrounding previous albums. I have posted two new lyric booklets for albums. These were inspired by the upcoming release which already has prepared nine stylized lyric sheets with cover. It will be released on the 16th of November into the scroller of the homepage and linked below. Lyric booklets with information like credits, short introduction stories and pictures are planned for all copyright releases and will accompany future releases from previously unpublished tracks and future records. I’ve added two albums that have yet to be registered and others will be added when information becomes finalized. *Update 1.17.22* Album playlists are now being added on the same pages.

Lighthouse – You’ll See (L 001)

Emerald City – EP (EC 001)

SKMillion – Luck (SKM 001)

SKMillion – The Previews (SKM 002)

SKMillion – Victory (SKM 003) & Victory (B Sides)

SKMillion – Lady in Black (SKM 004)

Steve Dunn Band – EP (SDB 001)

Steve Dunn Band – The Berklee and Virginia Years (2001-2007) and B Sides [SDB 002]

Ckwal – LP (C 001)

SKMillion & Ckwal – One Way to Bangkok (Demos)

Thanks again conversion sites and online word processing along with Anastasia Island Library Branch of the St. Johns County Public Library System: Cloud Convert, Free Convert, Covertio, PDF2JPG.net, JPG2PDF.com, Smallpdf and Google Docs.