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More info and stories on the writer’s blog and previous years’ archive blog.

Age Gate is no longer functioning with their update, so I am just letting you know there is some explicit language and concepts within.

Specific posts below mentioning the book as it was being put together in 2021.

“If Something Seems Too Good To Be True, It’s Best To Shoot It Just in Case”. Quote by Fiona from Burn Notice. (10.4.21)

First book update (10.13.21)

Book update continued (10.14.21)

Book covers and more (10.17.21)

Day three and book titles finished (10.18.21)

Book update and notes (10.20.21)

Evening update (10.23.21)

Movies and Words (10.24.21)

Bio written for book publishing.

I started writing song lyrics on piano in high school and eventually graduated from Berklee College of Music with a BM in songwriting. After touring the US, following Dave Matthews Band and playing in the parking lots, I fell into money troubles with my rock n’ roll lifestyle and ignorance about reality. I received the opportunity to teach ESL in Asia where the fun continued however and my energy could be applied to putting on a show for kindergartener children during the day. At night our group joined the Seoul social life and I was inspired to write all the time. Writings and home recordings continued in my overseas life after moving to Ming-chien, Taiwan, Saint Petersburg, Russia, Erbil Iraq and Bangkok/Ongkahrak, Thailand. After nearly seven years living abroad and traveling, I returned to the US, joined the gym and dove into EDM festivals, DJ culture and eventually reinvented myself again. I have been known or defined myself in projects from music to blog writing as: Steve Dunn Band, SKMillion and now Ckwal. Taking a break from music to publish collections of old recordings The Berklee and Virginia Years (2001-2007), Victory, Emerald City EP, Lady in the Black and now my first book, Poems That Were Meant To Be Songs. The intended song lyric ideas were reborn as poetry in 2021. More stories and can be found at various posts on New website continues at