SKMillion – Victory

1 Moon Song (1:10)
2 Needle in the Hay (1:38)
3 Spread It Thin (2:25)
4 Something You Don’t Believe (2:45)
5 Fiery Eyes (2:14)
6 Nadie Pueda Hacer Nada (3:10)
7 Attica (2:51)
8 Alone (2:10)
9 No More Light (3:03)
10 Victory (3:55)

Some songs originally from a burn to CD called Lucky Plus may have originated in writings done in Seoul, South Korea.  Others were experimental music videos or writings inspired by life in Taiwan and international travel. Single releases and additional tracks are updated to a 2021 vision in theme.  Overall vision created during the years of 2006-2011, but “Nadie Pueda Hacer Nada” was finished later and shared for Hard Rock Rising on ReverbNation in early 2014. “Fiery Eyes” has unknown completion; possibly imagined during my Berklee College of Music years (2001-2003).  “Fiery Eyes” is dedicated to Diana.

“Alone” features Nate Harper on slide guitar and an instrumental track inspired by Al Pacino quotes in Dog Day Afternoon and Scarface, has been recently renamed “Attica”.

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Official album cover at the top is copyright: hellhide (Elena Butenko of Bulgaria).
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