Credits page, cover 2 of 2 (stylized jpg)

The Berklee and Virginia Years (2001-2007) playlist on YouTube

Saving All My Love (feat. J.J. von Briesen) lyrics (stylized jpg)

Someone Who Loves You (feat. J.J. von Briesen) lyrics (stylized jpg)

I Don't Believe in Love (feat. J.J. von Briesen) lyrics (stylized jpg)

I'll Kill You lyrics (stylized jpg)

Take You Away (stylized lyrics)

Point of Ton lyrics (stylized jpg)

The Design lyrics (stylized jpg)

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With tracklist 9/13
New release update with cover Prodigy Forever and Elena original (partial sketch as featured image) 9/15
New release cover proposal 9/16
Monkeyclaus featured image, asking for donations, November release update 9/19
Vinyl back cover 9/24

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