Who we are

Ckwal.net and Ckwal.us is Steve Dunn.  When using “We” I am referring to my influences, spiritual presences that may be providing motivation, inspiration, direction or ideas and general everyday environment.   I cannot take credit in creation and spirit for everything even when making something with a copyright claim that is presumably 100% original.  I always give upmost respect to original authors, companies or teams and try to give credit where credit is due as well as live with fair use guidelines in order to further develop and grow concepts in art from where they were left off.  I pay fees when I have money to give value to whatever I can in music, artwork and movies; or other entertainment.  I follow all laws strictly and when in doubt, will use best judgement for adding value to applicable art in both tangible and physical denominations.  I and my imaginations of characters, spirit man and faith guides are currently known exclusively by pseudonym Ckwal except in everyday life and purchases as I have not changed my name such as Prince or Ye.


I have had no comments on the blog through the site except for spam and am open to email communication, questions or comments at social@ckwal.net.  I often communicate with businesses based on cruelty-free status questions and vegan friendly nature questions with an attempt to be politically correct, but it gets personal and often unprofessional as large corporations especially lie, are corrupt and disguise the truth with standardized statements to protect their assests or flat out don’t respond.  Others may not be informed on the topic, but it is important to be aware of and not give up in the battle for a better future.


This site is supposed to be family friendly and anything that I recommend that isn’t should be rated as such.  I often give educational type posts on topics I’m not completely certified or qualified to teach, but I do the research on what is available and am sharing the best information I can find.  I have experience teaching all ages in several countries and have some certifications including TEFL, BBP, Red Cross First Aid/CPR/AED, and a CDL. Everything should be done safely with your local laws and guidelines, though I would never recommend testing on an animal giving the excuse that it’s the law or the country we buy our supplies in requires animal testing by law.  With realistic practice skin and even practice ER rooms, I’m sure there is other technology possible.


Ckwal.net does not track nor record visitors or data.  The theme by 3styler on both sites requires some plug-ins and has code not written by me.  I never look at any visitors or track using any plug-in or code and have no crawlers.  I don’t discourage search engines from finding the site anymore, so data may be found and indexed from posts.  However since no one else posts as of now including commenters, no data would be crawled by Google from a visitor through data entry.  I use Flamingo to check anything sent through WordPress form on Ckwal.us and since I’m not expecting any messages, may not get to it ever, but that is the only option to input some message or information directly to blog internally.  This site was always intended as a lifeline after disconnecting from nearly every social network years ago.  Sometimes it has turned into writing practice as I am a writer by degree, but it can be made completely private with a couple of switches if need be in situations of abuse, harassment (communicational or spiritual) or other exploitation with harmful intent. The YouTube and Vimeo channels have counts or data built-in and for the albums, although I would rather not see it, I think it’s acceptable because listening to an artist’s music or being involved in their culture, like getting a tattoo is essential.

Embedded content from other websites

Everything posted like images or artwork has been used by permission or indirect permission via fee through various companies.  Rarely do I embed content anymore.  When I draw I almost always free copy from licensed image (Shutterstock, Freepik.com etc.) or other permissable image (Licensed font, For use by tattooers, Free for personal use if project I’m sharing was personal in origin, etc.).  That involves no tracing or lightbox until the drawing has left the original with proportions from my mind’s eye.  I may check with ruler or glow of phone if proportions are exact for a quick idea of how much I’ve departed, but it’s not in my ritual process at this time to trace until an original copy has been made for transfer to skin or practice skin using tattoo transfer paper.  Sources are quoted with links and I always strive to stick with the original intentions in the name of the web and that is: to keep connecting ideas around and back to each other.

Who we share your data with

I share nothing if possible.  Spirits talk in a grapevine of deception often and don’t limit themselves to graveyards or churches.  I talk to my characters, myself and others verbally like a human and email or text, but I do not keep any data as I don’t collect any physical data.  Anything that shows up along the lines of something seemingly impossibly coincidental could be God, ESP, the Devil, other unnamed demons, religious presences I have not learned about or named, communist mind waves or something else, but is not based on real people or events unless stated with specific references gained from reputable sources.  Creative ideas are labelled as such typically as spirituality or philosophy and should not be used as medical advice, historical fact or some type of evidence that one could hold me liable for in a court of law.

Referring to posts (stories, tattoo inspiration or other content), if a reader finds themselves mentioned and would rather keep their name or some other thing mentioned offline (specifically Ckwal.net or Ckwal.us), please email social@ckwal.net.  If emailing is impossible, I may be reachable through prayer at a Catholic church, my once denomination of faith because I believe Jesus is trustworthy. It may not always be easy to receive without interference from your enemy and not all churches are sanctuaries this day in age with possibility of reaching him if you are far gone.

Some tattoos do have meaning from the past including relationships and were under the best intentions often to solve spiritual problems with all parties in mind.  Others may be statements in awareness against piracy via Karma Journey or for important exchanges like donating blood. If you believe you are directly affected in a consistently negative way versus the positives, or are offended by it’s usage, one can request a cover up process when funds are available or by donating with note via PayPal at social@ckwal.net.

How long we retain your data

If someone signs up for a mailing list with an email, physical address or other contact info, Ckwal will potentially retain it forever unless unsubscribed or subscriber has become a threat to the sustainability of the art.  Any information gained in some other way without record would have to be forgotten if learned by heart or by memory.

What rights you have over your data

Any rare data is an at-will relationship.

Where we send your data

If an external service is used for an email list or to ship goods purchased, Ckwal will only use services using methods that will not exploit data and send what is necessary to deliver the best possible product (s). 


Featured image found through: Background vector created by pikisuperstar – www.freepik.com