Album update

There was some misunderstanding or error in the copyright process with SKMillion’s Victory. It has been pushed forward as a single against my wishes and although I have requested the case to be reopened, it looks like it won’t be. So because of budget concerns, we are going to randomly publish both albums and copyright all songs plus an additional one as artist SKMillion under the organization of Ckwal. Ckwal’s prequel will not be with these tracks, if made at all. The titles will remain as Victory and Lady in Black with a possible additional track added to either collection. The book is still pending a decision and release date tentatively on Christmas Day. These publishings are intended to be belated thank yous to all who supported me during those years and appreciated in the present with new context. Rarely do artists get the luxury of letting so much time elapse before checking if their works are still valid through major life changes and perspective and I recognize I am blessed with being given that. Still I understand that others may not have seen my life as it was, as I did then, nor now as I do. That’s what I’m praying for however.

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