Black Widow

I forgot to mention. I recently rented Black Widow from Redbox. To start I can say that it’s very powerful and fairly relentless in energy going through action scenes. Again I lost the plot and became confused in the context of heroes and villains. I’m still a sharp minded person, but have so many things and associations on my mind. Movies watch like some books I try to read. The general terror holding theme in the movie is human trafficking. That in combination with Black Widow “going solo” from The Avengers group is very displacing. One scene example is in a character’s home, where he’s trying on an old costume. They are so real and it made me think of my own life. One second battling a dichotomy of wrong and right, the next second trying to change the world and the next after that hit with figuring out some imaginary concept. Often wondering if I’m too far gone. In this movie though, nothing is really an imagination or concept. With Coronavirus deaths passing five million in a count from Bing and other more dangerous, hidden enemies around the world still lurking in the metaphorical shadows, it’s sometimes impossible to stay away from the grit of a Bulgarian vodka shot after nearly killing each other to become friends in another feeling. I couldn’t sleep after seeing the movie because of the scene where Black Widow smashes her face on the desk after the bad guy proudly talks about his crime and takes him down. It put everything in a new perspective to me about my past association with porn. Possibly because there are many situations that seem professional that in reality could be acts of financial desperation. So like alcohol, pressing play on anything like that, could seem more innocent than it really is in more ways than one. Especially when one is addicted. So although it may not be fair for the movie to try and bring awareness with a “two birds, one stone” effectiveness on these two topics, I fear there is a finer line between the two than I used to believe. So to know I’d be on Black Widow’s side in that scene, but still feeling attacked because of one line in the dialog, was mind-bogglingly disgusting and betraying. After some thought though, educating and a good weapon for repentance. The rest of the movie I was thinking about acting and facial expressions in spirituality, wondering how life got so complicated in 2021. Especially for the tattoo business along with theories in artistic licenses. So I understood why her next battle gets personal.

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