Pop character update (repair tip)

I did get Orange Conan (#25) in time for Halloween, not long after I posted about waiting for his arrival. It’s my first “Limited Edition Exclusive” type. I used to watch Conan overseas, so it’s sort of a part of Karma Journey because in order to support TV shows often one must buy merch. When I took him out of the box to put next to Alien (from the movie) and Frankenbob, I noticed there was a rattling inside his head. I guess this happens sometimes. Either one can return the Pop to the store or try this… I finally decided it was driving us crazy and prepared a pan of bowling water. I didn’t get it really rolling and told Conan to think of it as a hot tub and we can hold our breath together and come back up for air before the “2-3 minutes”. After soaking in Bronner’s soap (so my pan can still be used for food) and rinsing, he went in. It only took about two minutes and his head didn’t have to always be totally submerged. Finally if trying at home, gently remove and get the plastic disc out; pat dry before replacing. One comment in the Reddit post attached through the link says, “pull really hard”, so it may be different for certain Pops. Good as new and no rattling tab.

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