Crafts and clowns

Follow up from last post. I finished the fish, found a frame on sale at Hobby Lobby and sent it away as a holiday gift.  I matted it with the red cardboard and black “A Pound of Flesh” logo writing.  It turned out great after the added motivation to put some extra time into the lines and details.  Big sale happening on many items at Hobby Lobby by the way. Frame section not on sale, still they may have a sale cart with additional items in a store near your area.

See below notes on the non-villain side of clowns and more.

Bozo – children’s storytelling, mascot for Capitol Records, various portrayals and animated series.
Loonette from The Big Comfy Couch – solves problems with doll Molly. Geared towards children.

Krusty the Clown – from The Simpsons.  Controversial role as character. Negative for example: smokes.

Lists of clowns in Fandom.
List by Elijah Holzapfel
Heroic Clowns on Pinterest.
“Fantasy clowns, jester and harlequins.”

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