Halloween update

No pumpkins left! I can search elsewhere, but my plan to get a pumpkin was left in surprise. The practice tattoo page was cut up because in trying some pink tones on that girl missing final artwork elements, her look turned into a Futurama/clown hybrid. The Peak shaders wouldn’t lock in my machine and all had to be disposed. So Sandler was framed with Batgirl and Alien joined the group again. Still waiting for Orange Conan.

Today I decided to transfer the ckwal.us domain to the French company Gandi.net, where Ckwal.net is now hosted. Since the waiting period had elapsed on new domain, unlocking was possible. It requires a year renewal upon transfer and should be completed within a week. Even though it was sometimes connecting quicker lately, it should be more consistent soon. Otherwise we’ll have to try something different.

Featured image in category: Background photo created by freepik – www.freepik.com

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