Afternoon update

I finally finished adding page numbers to the book. There were many other things in that process that I made some changes with during proofreading all the titles and order from conversions, splits and remerges. This will definitely be easier the next time around I think. However, I’m not sure I’ll be faced with such an interesting challenge as this again.

In album updates the same thing happened with the second copyright process because they added a new group application for unpublished works in 2019 and examiners are seemingly rejecting collective works rather quickly. However I shouldn’t have to use that application until I do the Emerald City EP because that album is a cowrite situation. Either way the cost has gone up significantly from the process I did with previous registrations.  Poems That Were Meant To Be Songs is ready to resubmit to Google Play Books when the copyright is confirmed (possibly same conflict as the first two copyrights in anthology of poems). I am now thinking of releasing only a PDF copy on Google Play Books and on this website.

Looking to find a pumpkin for Halloween!

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