Book release details and Comic Con Singapore Online

I’ve already submitted accounts to sell the book on Barnes & Noble Press and Google Play Books Partner Center . Google Play Books makes books available to sixty six countries. I was just going to get the basic info set up because I’m waiting for the copyright registration, but got through the end of Google Play Books’ submission process with the current copy I have finished. The system automatically said it had to get my account reviewed before the book could be finalized and put online for preorder after I pressed the last button to determine my fate. I decided on the price of $9.99 (including tax), a restriction of 18+ year old purchase requirement and a release on Christmas.  I may try to add titles on the top of each page with page numbers at the library this week. Both publishers are free except for that they take 30% and B&N assigns an ISBN, so there is no need to pay 150$ for a UPC and ISBN. Book update posts listed below.

“If Something Seems Too Good To Be True, It’s Best To Shoot It Just in Case”. Quote by Fiona from Burn Notice. (10.4.21)
First book update (10.13.21)
Book update continued (10.14.21)
Book covers and more (10.17.21)
Day three and book titles finished (10.18.21)
Book update and notes (10.20.21)
Evening update (10.23.21)
Movies and Words (10.24.21)

Besides that information update, I found an online Comic Con in Singapore lasting most of December into the New Year on this website which lists tons of Comic Con type events. Star Trek cruise, Power Ranger theme and more. I was thinking about diving into this type of culture at one point because of my Funko Pop and character love.

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