Second portrait on final 11×17

I had a problem with the Fellowship ink caps, which are the second brand of biodegradable ink caps that have consistently leaked too quickly. I don’t think I’m going to use them again because even though we’re practicing, if they were being dipped in with any blood or puss, we want to keep that contained. I understand changing them out in those cases, still we shouldn’t feel the need to rush ever when doing artwork that is supposed to be there forever. Have you ever been in a shop and paid 150$ or more for a tattoo and they rush through it before a half hour is up? Worse would be because the ink caps are soaking through. I know they are more vegan friendly and better for the environment, but if we are taking the the vaccine to survive, we better be careful with tattoos as well. That includes are budget. Ink isn’t a fortune, but all together supplies shouldn’t be wasted nor treated like water. I’m not yet where I want to be with this type of portrait or shading, but I’m experimenting with some outline ideas and various pressures. I don’t love this shading set because all of them are too dark and I wouldn’t put that tone on a Caucasian male. Going to color though is a huge step (expense wise too) and major longevity decision. I’ve added a little before, but like I read in the most recent Tattoo Society paraphrased, the technique is completely different. I think he meant everything about it is different. So I’m trying to maximize the abilities out of what I have in my supplies. Still I could go for a dedicated liner, more ink and different practice skin (curved). Here is the progress below. Also remember that transfer ink (purple hue in photo below) often doesn’t come off completely. Many practice skin types will stain no matter how quickly you set some guidelines down, so it’s not easy to get the best picture of your artwork. Often it looks better than it is. If it’s a brand of transfer paper that does wipe off completely, then chances are it’s not realistic for exact transfers and you better be a good “no erase” freestyler.

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