I’ve been drawing much less and tattooing practice has been somewhat on the back burner. I have sketched freestyle from SHARKS – Design Book, Roberto Gemori. The shark I first chose is titled Love. My connection with sharks comes from the book and movie Jaws. Living by the ocean I have thought about it being a symbolic way to die for a vegan who spent 35 years as a carnivore. The book is full of mystery, fear and some sexuality too. As a young reader in grade school I found myself captivated enough to be completely focused in the story even through our yearbook signing party in the school gym. The designs in this book are tribal and withold other symbols in them. Shark Love will be going to one of two (11×17) practice skins left.

I also ordered some of Mom’s Nuclear Colors Blue Smoke ink. This series in the Mom’s line of tattoo ink by Millennium Ink glows under blacklights. I was thinking of tattooing it over the Oasis logo in Korean to highlight the text along with the Teal I found in Jacksonville, but with a goal to a blood donation benchmark of two gallons through Red Cross, I’d have to ask someone in a shop if I can’t wait.

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