Finally continued to the next film in The Conjuring movie series, The Curse of La Llorona. It’s not in Redbox or many DVD sets available, so you have to rent from Google Play or seek out this one individually. I definitely picked up some of the cult classic vibe like Scream-type movies reek of, but in The Conjuring‘s simple cinemotographically beautiful sort of way. Yea it’s still disturbing with a theme of drowning, but the simple music and easy to understand plot with powerful spiritual components are important artistic expressions.

One addition to this morning’s post that caught my eye. A BBC article about words in other languages that describe emotions. These words have no English translation as it says. Obviously we can make a phrase to talk about them, but you get the point.

One extra idea to throw out there in our latest book obsession. Anyone interested in Poems That Were Meant To Be Songs going to tape with the writer reading these poems out loud?