I’ve been putting in extra hours into getting the book of poems ready to present to the public. It’s been submitted to the copyright office, but while we’re waiting for registration confirmation, I’m testing it out in Google Books, Nook and a plug-in called 3D FlipBook : Dflip Lite for WordPress. So crazy getting all these scans of different sizes to be in something universal for different apps and so readers don’t have to be changing settings or turning the screen. I finally have the PDF version ready with short intro, title pages and covers. For Kindle and others who want EPUB, my work is not over because the conversion is changing some of my finished files! I’m not sure how I’ll distribute this, but hopefully you’ll have access for the holidays, at least on ckwal.net .

I also connected with Jeremy Frindel from the rumored Emerald City EP project. He gave the approval, so that is next for submission along with Ckwal’s prequel, now titled after a track from what was originally SKMillion’s Halloween EP, Lady in Black. Many of those tracks were scrapped including Lady in Black II. I recorded them after the accident in Bangkok when I returned to Ongkahrak around Halloween. That was when I started noticing my life was changing forever in front of my eyes. Spooky, unreal stuff. Those two albums aren’t scheduled until next year.

Practice tattooing will resume soon and two new Funko Pops have joined the group. Alien from the movie franchise and soon, an orange Conan!

Featured image is in Tallinn, Estonia (2012).