Although the registration process was a little more involved than previous experiences, the assignment number for The Berklee and Virginia Years (2001-2007) came back to me not long after I submitted the poetry book. At one point I marched venting to the beach and felt a different meaning of one of the tracks come alive negatively when I thought I could drown myself in the ocean. So I feel lucky to be alive still in 2021 and ready to make this album public on schedule. It is set for a YouTube channel release when I arrive in Savannah late on November 16th. I’m donating blood (Power Red) on the 17th with Red Cross and returning on the 19th. It’s also Mandy’s one year anniversary on the 16th (first self-tattoo character). Besides our donation I’m planning to see a museum, possibly Graveface (if I can get past the animal heads on the wall) and seek live jazz for a change.