Book update and notes

I wrote the intro to the book while finishing the conversions. Right now (not long ago at time of pressing the publish button in a second), I’m uploading the copies to the Copyright office.

A few additional book notes or warnings:
Although I don’t swear that often or use too much explicit wording, a few of the poems are sexually suggestive, imply swear words like “f’d” or use the “f” word. Still some of them readers may think of as a dirtier meaning than they really are. Keep in mind that during these years I was somewhat of a lush and often wrote under the influence. I was partying, in a committed relationship or dating for most of these years in my mid to late twenties, so they can be emotional and parental advisory should be advised if reading under eighteen. However different interpretations are possible, the spirit is a highly edgy international life of a post-graduate bachelor. During the latter years, I was more refined traveling as a couple, but many of those writings and much of that time turned into music videos, album tracks and the like.

There are some misspellings including one word in a title “truely” which may be intentional, but in reality it’s only spelled as “truly”. I noticed I often write “your” instead of “you’re” and tons of lowercase letters in titles and what have you. All titles will be written out in a future post and I may type some of the poems for reference like an “answer key” especially for foreigners who have trouble reading handwritten English.

A few more stars of the show in conversion websites below. Also thanks again to the Anastasia Island Branch of the St. Johns County Public Library System for use of the public computers, printing help and friendly working environment.

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