Today and tonight I did some more work on the practice skin. My first tattoo machine is going out of commission because of an electrical connection. I bought a new cable before I left Houston, but now I believe it’s permanently retired. The machine pen wasn’t too expensive and lasted me about two and half years or more. So I’m going to be exclusively on the newer pill shape one until I can afford a liner. I’m getting strong with all the typing, cleaning and practice, but I get really worn out and have to rest. Especially because of the book work on phone. The titles in that project are finished and I did some trial versions in EPUB format. So I’ll be submitting to the copyright office as soon as possible. I was on the shader setting by accident with a one round liner for the necklace and some hair towards her left shoulder and then also used a 3rl and a bigger shader to go over the background shadow. I’ll go over the rest of the strands later which will take me forever. It’s something I have to practice more frequently, but I have the strength now to hold the machine on the grip versus always on the needle. Any progress is big progress.