Announcing the title of my first book. Almost everything was written between the years of 2005 and 2011, so most of my work lately is organization, file conversation, editing, file naming with titles and some document cropping. There are at last count 333 pages. One cover proposal is an artwork image by Elena Barenbaum from Russia which I bought just after reading some shocking news. It was early on January 26th, 2020 and I had just walked about eight miles to get groceries in Houston. Checking online I read Kobe Bryant, daughter along with family friends and helicopter pilot, crashed into a mountain. I didn’t know how to react and went to my tattoo art studies. I also incorporated the font from year dedication theme and Steve Dunn Band upcoming release. Check it out below. The second cover idea is the same font from upcoming Emerald City EP release on a photo from the nearby mall in Houston where I used to live. There is a closed bank in the foreground and on top level, the diamonds! Well lots of jewelry in this place, but I liked the predominantly Latino American company, tattoo/rock clothing and piercing shop that I got my start and there was even a cultural reggae shop. In this post I’ve also linked a few more websites that are useful in the process. One for rotating jpg files, one that crops, pixels to inches converter (for page sizing decisions) and Lulu Press’ online ebook publishing toolkit.