Final practice skin page (update)

From the other day: Good news is that I bought a five pack order of Spirit brand transfer paper to try out and the transfer finally looked brilliant (well defined and dark details). It’s an expensive product because usually one has to purchase the pages in a larger quantity and now I think it’s one of the best. Being on practice skin, using those experiences as the main determiner however, the Chinese branded paper I first used is probably a runner up due to the fact that these papers leave a purple stain mark behind. That and the fact one has to be tracing with some considerable strength or power are the primary negatives. Anyways let’s get to the point and show some progress. I’m struggling with consistent lines that mark using desired pressure. I don’t wish to press too hard or repeatedly go over an area, especially with lining. So although I’m working on another project putting in more dedication and budget priority, I am discouraged in thinking I still need a new machine specifically for lining. We’ve got the transfer paper problem solved however and using S8 Tattoo’s Red Tattooing Gel, I’m close to finding the core products I love for a basic tattoo. Below you can see the artwork I traced by Elena Barenbaum taking form. I went over the basic lines and tried to get most of the defining areas before quitting to continue another day.

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