Book update continued

I am continuing the huge task of splitting apart multi-page scans, titling the files of each page and figuring out how I am going to format the appearance of the ebook and possible printed version.  I did further research last night and contacted Vegan Printer as well to find out about standards in possible page sizes and bindings.  Many of these notebooks are odd sizes and since the handwriting is difficult to read at times, making them too small may pose a difficult challenge to the reader.  It’s possible the printing may cost too much, but to put together the format that is viewable on a tablet device, phone or on the web isn’t a big problem since all these writings have already been scanned years ago.  Putting it in Google Books or Kindle is basically a profit sharing (70/30 percent), so that is possible with minimal fee to start if using a third party company.  The bulk of the work is formatting, sorting and some kind of order.  Meanwhile other stuff like photos (if applicable), artwork and preface is just an arrangement task that needs more thought and decisions during the process.  My goal is to be finished before Christmas at the latest.

A couple more thanks in assistance with this project:

Title Case Converter (TCC) by Matthias Belz.   It’s a shortcut tool when double checking capitalizations in titles.  I already have been working and looking up these for awhile now, but if you are blanking and want to make sure, it’s a good tool that will do an automatic conversion.

PDF2GO by QaamGo Web GmbH

Florida Food Stamps by Florida Department of Children & Families

In combination to these new tools listed along with iLovePDF, Cloudconvert, Small PDF and Google Docs, I should be able to make the book a reality.

For more information about copyrights in the U.S., see their website at this link.  Federal register notices can be found here.

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