You may remember a post about a possible book in the future. I am in the process of going through and editing hundreds of pages of poems, lyric ideas, songs sketches and some elaborate doodles. It’s intention is to read with that in mind. Some of the handwritten words turned into songs that you will either be able to hear on published or recent archive scheduled releases and others were never recorded, but it has new life with each page as a poem or short poetic idea. Some read as letters or can be imagined as songs or story pieces, still all are written as lyrics or poetry would be for the most part. It will be one big e-book and/or bound together for coffee table ponderings. Sometimes intimate, humorous or vaguely revealing, these are the bulk of my writings while living in S. Korea and Taiwan for about five years including travels to Japan, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Philippines, Canada, the U.S. during the Virginia demo recordings and within Korea/Taiwan. I would have never released such a thing before, but I’ve mostly closed those writings from advancement into songs and recognized them with this new life to share. I may add some of the biography posts written on and, but it will mainly serve to fill in the creative gap that many people don’t know about in these years of my life.

Thanks Nanna (Barbara Ann) for the inspiration and support to be able to spend the time on this project.

Also thanks to iLovePDF for the ability to easily split PDF files for free, Berklee College of Music in association with Google Drive for unlimited cloud storage (alumni perk) and again cloudconvert by Lunaweb GmbH for easy file conversion from TIF high quality scans to PDF.