Ckwal’s two domains (an explanation)

The five year magazine has been recovered. Images are hosted in two locations. One by and one with in France. Right now the secure server of functions best with https and may not work otherwise while is without the s. There are no financial transactions taking place there as donations are through a PayPal link on their secure servers. These sites are linked to each other. Vimeo and YouTube videos (image below for preview) and albums’ pages are linked at the bottom of the ‘About Me’ page. The albums are not a full discography of my recordings, rather the ones copyrighted through the Library of Congress. If you are new to the sites, have a good time exploring and feel free to ask questions or contribute posts. Regular contributors if interested can be set up with their own account and be posting under their alias. From now on will only undergo minor changes and will not be updated with new posts.

An awesome tool for moving files via different clouds and through ftp in databases like those in one’s webhosts is recommended at With the first paid option, you really get a lot of bang for your buck. It was a must to buy into the first tier for a website like Ckwal, but try it out for free and see what you need.

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