Now available – Windows 11

I remember when Windows 7 was released while I was living in Taiwan and it changed my life when I decided to build my first computer around the excitement of working with the new OS.  I was looking at video game news last night and continued the search today when I stumbled upon another Windows that is now available.  It doesn’t scream “you are here” on the map of my own current technological life, but I still thought it’s a must blog about news.  I found a page of press images on the Microsoft Windows official site (hence the pretty featured image) and in particular a link to a Game Spot article selling that it really does have something to offer for gamers. Also check out the official introduction page and links found there. Apparently it’s a free upgrade for Windows 10 owners, though you still might want to take a look at it because there seems to be some major initial differences. I like how it appears super-simple like Google Chrome OS, because after all of the extensive experience many of us have on phone apps, we really want it to run faster, cheaper and smaller.

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