Rentals and more

I was offered to use a portable DVD with small built-in screen to watch rentals with Lady Madaru Chibi and friends. It’s a bigger screen than the phone, so we can continue with movies together. I rented Godzilla vs. Kong which was impressive and Mortal Kombat. Mortal Kombat was a let down because of excessive life-like gore and language towards the end especially. I did watch the whole thing as I was a fan of this video game. There were some cool scenes that did the game justice, but I didn’t feel right about the violence in juxtaposition.

The other parts of the website I will try to recover on my trip to Jacksonville when I get to the city library after the blood drive. It will be at We now have a secure server which visitors should be directed to automatically for the regular blog. It’s or without the “www” That should allow us to sell some stuff if we get something vegan friendly to share.

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