Fest & hand tattoos

It’s a relaxing day and the sun is out without a cloud. I’m at the St. Augustine Record Fair presented by Sing Out Loud. Bears and Lions were just playing on a stage outside of the ampitheater area. Local music stores are here selling music (focus on records) and other stuff. There are some good deals on CDs as I just discovered and it would save you some time finding a certain album instead of scouring all the shops. Still you’d have to be lucky because the shops are carrying a fraction of their normal selection. Event is open until three pm.

Last night I traced the Adam Sandler photo and watched most of the Carl Grace Tutorials from the Dark Side Volume 3. This is the second DVD I watched by him, which goes into the details of hand tattoos. Carl really fills in the blanks with many questions I have had that were unanswered thus far. It’s amazing the amount of knowledge he talks about nonchelantly while going through the process of a hand tattoo. He’s easy to listen to as well provided you have enough energy, patience and in a good mood to listen. I plan on reviewing a second time and taking notes possibly. Thanks Carl Grace for sharing these valuable tutorials.

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