The Chorus

Rise and shine. Today I’m going back to the library to type lyrics mostly for other copyrighted albums to make booklets to put online for listeners. It’s all part of a process of moving on in my life. Remembering who I was, finishing unfinished business and trying to figure out what I’m doing in the future with reinventing myself. If it’s music, will I be moving forward as Ckwal? It was fun last night going over expenditures of 2021 and determining if I was making enough income to be considered an official tax paying business, what would count as Ckwal? Usually one sets up a business bank account and tries to separate their lives somewhat in order to stay sane. As a single man, it’s mostly tough on myself, but if you are married or balancing a life courting a significant other, they may grow jealous of you carrying your work around. I calculated spending about $1175.64 on tattoo culture in 2021. Wowzers, what an obsession for a struggling musician. I guess the tattoo artist in me went into the rink with the DJ and TKO.

I traced the cover girl sketch onto transfer paper yesterday after printing at the local office store along with text and it didn’t transfer well enough. So I won’t be using that paper again on practice skin and I’ll be trying Spirit brand next when I run out. That’s not the point of this intro though. I’ve decided to let that image go with the album to be released in November.  Her nickname ended up being the tattoo on my right wrist, Fiona. The 11×17 is now going to be three Future People of the Year from our blog: Will Smith, Lil Wayne and Adam Sandler.

Next month we look forward to Hotel Transylvania: Transformania haunting our cinemas on October 1st. Not sure if Winnie is in it, but our first favorite Mavis, voiced by Selena Gomez, is. So I had a change if heart and planning on seeing it. There’ll be tattooed pumpkins in October too.

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