November release update

I’m splitting my time with drawing and album release activities. So far an album lyric and credits book is in the works which prompted something similar for the other releases next. Thanks to,, PDF Add-on app and Pixlr app. Ckwal is still seeking funds for these album release costs, besides the ultimate physical copies (2444$ for 100 vinyl copies in one example unless on special with mastering (59$ a track). I’ve never yet put out a vinyl release and only Ckwal’s debut self-entitled album was professionally mastered in their continuous mix forms after full mix down. It makes a difference and is essential for radio play and serious sales. However it’s often neglected and skipped. Today with online publishing and software mastering, it’s not always essential because quality is lost in the conversion for outlets like SoundCloud or YouTube. The days of premium sound systems and even headphones is becoming more and more rare, but the technology is trying to make up for it.

Other new costs I’m offering to readers, trying to add value to this previous collection like me, can still get involved. They include a font license for Daughter of a Glitch which is on the cover page of the lyric/credit book (19$), ISRC codes (48$), possibly a license for cover excerpt of “One” written by/popular by Harry Nilsson/Three Dog Night (2s with lyric variation, though it may not cost after research from Songfile), one month subscription for YouTube album publishing service like Audioship (7.99$) and/or possibly Distrokid digital distribution and UPC (19.99$). Several of the other albums need similar work as well.

One other idea I have is to publish many song ideas that look like poems or song notes with chords from notebooks that I scanned. There are several digital folders of pages I used to perform with or make songs from therein. All handwritten words, lyrics and notes to be combined into a hard copy or digital book (up to 300 pages). Copyright fees are probably the biggest thing to get started (Collective work, anthology = 45$).

Other things to become more official are fictitious name registration in Florida which requires advertising in a St. John’s county paper (50$+17$), non-profit formation and an instrument or license fees to perform or sell goods (t-shirt printing from vegan printer for example additionally).

Anyone interested can click the link on cover and where it says, “Use this donation for”, click Business cards, merchandise demos, etc. The amount you contribute, if it matches an above number, will automatically be applied to that buy-in when appropriate.

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