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Something we haven’t talked about in awhile on the blog. It’s not pleasant going back and forth with big companies about the title issue, or waiting for a response before we buy something we need. Often your own family and friends shrug you off as a pest, but here is an article taking it several steps further.

Situation: Your favorite cruelty-free soap brand gets bought by a giant who does animal testing.

This article on Ethical Consumer is news of an example, which I found about awhile ago. I know because I had to stop using Method and ecover after reading one of my reference sites about “fake cruelty free” (link below).

Vegan Rabbit

Recently I’ve been wondering more about the interworkings of business and if it’s just a compromise of money and power. We have to talk to each other and try to keep it civilized if possible. This article by Jane Turner mentions a Take Action section which quotes from Naturewatch,

Stop selling Ecover and Method.
Visit your local independent health shop or ethical store and request that they replace Ecover and Method with cruelty-free alternatives.
Email stockists of Ecover and Method, requesting that they remove both brands from their range until SC Johnson adopts a satisfactory animal testing policy.
Contact Ecover and Method directly, calling on them to increase transparency about their parent company and the relationship between them.
Visit to find out how you can help continue the fight against animal cruelty.

The above is an example of what it takes to make a difference as a minority in the world that many would rather do away with.

Rumors are circling about vegans as spiritual thieves, sexual perverts, level manipulators and more. The rumors claim we have all the power and perks in order to get others to mistrust us. We became vegans to be peaceful, happy and loving people. So many of us will die angry, fighting a bitter fight in which is quite the opposite of the accusations. Don’t forget though that many weren’t born vegan and are still ignorant and uneducated – not only in mind, but in the programming of everything done in society (habits of the senses, bodies; and spirit or soul). If one way doesn’t work, try a new, more creative strategy until we are at least equally represented and respected.

More sites with education about the topic (each link directs to a highlighted interest).

Cruelty-Free Kitty

Leaping Bunny

Last topic and link. As a male on a cruelty-free/vegan journey, it’s been a little bit different I presume and others may find a similar experience. Why do I always end up with some make-up in my search results? Not totally sure. Everyone starts in different places when replacing the must-haves and the items we love and as I’ve said before the politics and way of this journey were probably paved by a woman. After equal rights with animals, many other compassionate individuals might discover problems with child labor. Here is a link with awareness on the topic from Ethical Elephant about one ingredient Mica that is apparently a big red flag.

With these topics it’s easy to give up and throw all your research and flair out the window, but don’t stress. There is a better tomorrow in all of our convictions. At least we can die knowing we helped accelerate that ideal future, even if the results are not visable in the short term.

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