Some important tracks in my life. Today I registered a new compilation of recordings entitled The Berklee and Virginia Years (2001-2007) with pseudonym Steve Dunn Band. It’s the third official name of four I’ve defined myself or a group as thus far through the copyright office. Steve Dunn Band was a self-entitled EP I released before moving to Saint Petersburg, Russia at the beginning of 2012. Now it’s going to be an official name defining a sound that is sometimes solo singer songwriter, sometimes self-recorded, but often as the portable studio travelled, the sound grew into a layered band-like sound which braves the real studio too.

As you might know, Dave Matthews Band has been a huge influence on me since 1994, which was my freshman year in high school. Often I felt we were highly connected in our parallel songwriting and there was an eerie similarity in album structures, vibe and timings that I often believe we are somewhat aligned. Even until graduation from college when I got the opportunity to tour alongside them in the parking lots performing with access to VIP parties and complimentary tickets from the late Leroy Moore.

Some of these songs got finishing touches in Charlottesville at Monkey Claus Studios and there are many more written in Virginia.  Some of DMB live and record in other studios in Virginia. I spent some time between there and Richmond too with drummer Nathan West. On one occasion I visited between jobs teaching English in Seoul, Korea just to write, record and live the good life with friends and former classmates. Hence the influence in the humble, yet proud name.

I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to officially put these on the books, but as I’m drifting further and further away from that life and those people, I decided to honor our old friendships and put together this list below. One important track ‘Knot’, never got a good take and was intended to be an EP collection originally titled Monkey Claus Demos or Virginia Demos. Recordings will be published on YouTube with new artwork, so stay tuned for update if interested.

The Berklee and Virginia Years (2001-2007)

Steve Dunn Band

Saving All My Love (feat. J.J. von Briesen) EXPLICIT
Someone Who Loves You (feat. J.J. von Briesen)
I Don’t Believe in Love (feat. J.J. von Briesen)
I’ll Kill You EXPLICIT
Understood (feat. Ruth Condren)
Take You Away
Point of a Ton
The Design
All I Ever Wanted

Nathan M. West – drums tracks 2,3,4,5,6,7 & 8
Jay Pun – guitar tracks 5 & 8
Link to J.J. on track one is to a company she represents called ABD Culture run by a lady named Alix Klein who makes jewelry from recycled bike tubes.

Thanks to online file converters for help in format conversion on legacy formats:
Thanks to Mom for last minute help with copyright fees on urgent registration finalization. Thanks to all musicians involved for waiting so long to this appreciation.