Some end of ’20, beginning of ’21 recovered

I was looking back to see what the last official mixes were and noticed some broken links and missing playlists. Bridge Mix Part 2 is still 404 with only a start and end track on the 2020 Year Summary. I don’t know what happened to it and cannot find anything. All written playlists and notes were recycled along with my beginning artwork portfolio when I was preparing to go to China. The practice arm and practice skins except core characters as well were thrown away sadly. I have some pictures and screenshots. I typed a few playlists that were only on SoundCloud and found Part 4 which is/was the main bridge transition to 2021. Why didn’t I ever post it? The notes below show titles and times with some mix notes, but versions and artists are not written. I can write the artists out later, but unless I find a receipt or one audio version, I can only guess. I didn’t save very many downloads. No plans to mix again or start a new tradition at the end of this year yet.

Several versions found in app. I don’t remember if either noted order and mix or lists in app were successful.
11:23:46, 12:34:58 (without ‘Leave Your Lover’)
Call Me Now – Michael Calfan x Inna
Leave Your Lover – Lo, Soku & Sykes
Unlove You (feat Ne-Yo) [Myon Return to 95 Mix] – Armin van Buuren
Fire & Earth – DMVU
We Come in Peace – Purple Haze x KhoMha
Make It to Heaven (with Raye) [Extended] – David Guetta
Detonate – Charli XCX
Trythistrythat – Noclu
Light (feat. Chelsea Paige) – MVI
VII – MMXX – Diplo
Nasty – Kursiva
Nu Bloom – Floret Loret
Here with Me – Peekaboo
Nights with You (Festival Mix) – Nicky Romero

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