Shows and tattoos

I’ve been seriously reflecting in this time between jobs after the deaths in my family and loss of notable famous persons this year in addition to the great numbers from the continuing epidemic. Suddenly I hit a wall of denial and felt I was ignoring my own health because I was loosing feeling in my body. Getting back to the artwork and blog is somewhat centering because previous neglect during writer’s block was turning to emptiness in this context. Just now for the evening update I’m compiling below a short new “to watch” list and a few tattoo artists I picked out from magazines of this year that called out in the darkness of death, tragedy and failure from epidemic delays.

Denis Posco Losco
Remember Me Tattoo, Milan
from Skin & Ink Summer ’21

Natsi (Moscow)
from Skin & Ink Summer ’21

Sabrina Sawyers (Toronto)
from Skin & Ink Fall 2021

Arlo DiCristina
from Skin & Ink Spring 2021
Dark lady hand & sleeve with electric pink circuit

Dom Brown
from Skin & Ink Spring 2021
Underworld, darkest afterlife imaginations

The Hallow (2015)
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D (Marvel TV Series, 7 seasons)
The Post

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