I have been thinking about the possible dedicated anonymous reader who by chance was really upset when two of the blogs went private. So I am letting you know, if such an anon exists, that you can now gain access to both sites. You must register with some type of name and login. You don’t necessarily have to identify yourself. All you have to two is create two logins (one for each site).

Go to https://ckwal.us/register and then to login after registering; continue to https://ckwal.us/login. You will have to do this every time unless you save the login information in your browser. If not logged in, the site will automatically redirect you to https://ckwal.net.

Go to https://ckwal.gdn/register and then login after registering; continue to https://ckwal.gdn/login. Similar as above. If the browser doesn’t remember you, remember to go back to the login page and login. Then you can click the site logo to get to the home page or navigate where you wish.

Don’t forget that there are three blogs. Without a login two of them automatically redirect to https://ckwal.net. That is where the book, albums and lyric pages are all located. New posts are at https://ckwal.gdn and the first site with many DJ music mixlists plus some photos to make up for the missing information is at https://ckwal.us. Ckwal.us was the first issue of the blog, however it is now not in magazine format, rather one of my favorite simple WordPress themes.

I may add some photo albums to https://ckwal.us, still some other info and links have been repaired. It is not complete as quite a bit was lost and if I notice any more broken links, I’ll fix them. Especially if someone notifies me by email. There are many new posts on ckwal.gdn, however I do not post as regularly as I once did. There will be more movies to watch throughout this year (2022) in the Year of Movies and lots of travel next year, however the plans for the blog and address for that is still undecided.

Thanks for your patience!