Evening updates

I posted the information in previous post because I wanted to share the information for others before it’s too late.  It looks like I probably won’t be able to attend anytime soon.

On the movie checklist from May, some titles have been removed in screening process.  One remains.

I’m moving forward with drawing and tattoo practice for now.  I finished the first pass outline on a second tribal shark, this one a hammerhead named Always Protected, from the ebook I mentioned earlier.  It’s on a page with two flower and leaf rings with pretty tribal shark swimming through them.  The rings are practice tattooed with the blacklight sensitive Blue Smoke ink by Mom’s.  I think I may need more practice, but I feel the newer pill-shaped machine I bought in late April this year is better for shading.  My first pen machine is good for lining, but doesn’t hold Cheyenne cartridges.  With their new Capillary technology, my conclusion is that I wouldn’t trust inkflow on another brand of needle.  I haven’t tried too many brands yet and haven’t tried the Capillary Cartridges, but already am fed up about the issue in my nearly two year experience and they claimed to have fixed it.  The ink I use is already really fluid with witch hazel and even though I’m going to have to deal with whatever I can afford for now, wouldn’t recommend anything yet.  If possible I’d invest in a separate liner machine, possibly a steady coil with some weight.  I unfortunately won’t be posting any pictures as some of these images are not to be republished.

Have a good rest of the Labor Day weekend.

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