Back to school anyone?

In latest direction decisions, I decided to put in a FAFSA application through online app for assistance in aquiring the CELTA. There is a part-time program in Newcastle upon Tyne at Newcastle College. Anyone interested in teaching English as a second language should know about the world standard certification from Cambridge. There are many places to get this education, but obviously the UK would be most authentic. Newcastle College is one of few I could find that will show up on the FAFSA application in selecting a school. There is a program lasting from October to February this year and then they start over again in February, 2022 for another part-time study. Often CELTA programs are an intensive month and requirements for acceptance are present; it’s not an easy endeavor. The CELTA includes teaching practice as well, so recent education graduates intimidated about jumping into the international classroom need not be afraid. In-person study is becoming necessary to compete in the field, especially in some higher paid countries like the Middle East for example. Ugraded qualifications are also important as international work and travel becomes more desirable and expensive.

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