Five going on six

I don’t know the exact day I became vegan five years ago, but it was around today. I was going on a detox from a huge supplement kick and thought about the struggle I was experiencing. The decision was easy at first because typically a detox lasts only a recommendes month. I felt after some research that going vegetarian for this detox wouldn’t be very cleansing and started quickly looking up what it means to be vegan. It seemed so effortless to do at first and to this day don’t know how it is such a definite block on myself from returning.

I recently bought an air fryer on sale and have been trying to make better fries, crispier cookies, crustier pizza and thinking what else I can do to make next year more interesting. When you’ve been super strict, the only thing to do sometimes is to ease up on certain rules that other vegans might find insane.

I’m not sure what year six holds because the journey is supposed to be about different things then it often is and I resolve to thinking that most of those reasons are that my own vegan world doesn’t fully exist yet. That includes places to go, unique feelings and new creative ways to think about the stubborn tracks of humankind in order to be alive today, knowing we are making an existence that may not be fruitful in our lifetimes.

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