I’ve started some freestyle drawings with artwork from Shutterstock. They are having a 25% off promotion which includes everything from on-demand artwork, clips (video and music) and photos; to the annual unlimited plans. The purpose is to get back into drawing and fill the remaining practice skins. So far I have a tribal shark on one and plan to put these watercolor rings around it by Elena Paletskaya. The other 11×17 from A Pound of Flesh, similar ones still on sale for buy one get one free by the way with code BOGOCANVAS, I plan to practice tattoo on up to three pieces.  A portrait of Adam Sandler from editorial licensed photo, an original female by another favorite Elena Barenbaum and possibly one more portrait. I framed the trio of Batgirl, Jesus and Keanu Reeves and will do the same with that practice skin from three pack of refurbished frames found on eBay (different sizes available). A Pound of Flesh is having another cool promo where you buy any practice hand, tattoo something on it and send art back to be entered into a cash prize talent contest.  One then receives a free hand in return. Basically you pay for the hand, shipping of the hand back to them and the first one you bought of course and you get a free audience (lookers/judgers), free hand and chance to win $2500 or two runner-up prizes. Even if you are a beginner with no chance of winning, it’s a no-brainer. I don’t have enough for both artwork and that Battle of the Hands, since I’m not an original artist, so I went with the Shutterstock promo. Still putting the word out there because they have a bunch of new inspiring hands including: various dark skin tones and clear!

Last news for today. We all know The Conjuring 3 was just in theaters because I told you I was on an extended marathon in this linked post. Well even better news for homebodies on a budget. It’s now in Redbox with Annabelle: Creation and The Nun! I saw Annabelle: Creation with Wonder Woman 1984 and didn’t like them that much in comparison to other movies in corresponding series, but they are must-sees for context of future films. The checklist from May’s post is almost finished.

Also see updated featured image from our most recent video game news of the latest PlayStation console and don’t forget Chvrches’ newest album Screen Violence is out now.