My only Grandma alive (Nanna) is a lung cancer survivor.  My Grandma who died last year I was writing to before she went to heaven.  Her friend would sometimes help her write back and her husband is now fighting cancer I found out around the holidays. I think the biggest myth is that there isn’t a cure for many cancers. This park educates on plaques that there are cures for almost every type of cancer with survivors to prove that. Also the park explains that the battle is very heavily determined by patients’ ability to fight it, get themselves proper help and not give up in your mind. I personally have fought battles with addiction and often we think withdrawal and association are the most impossible things to do. Sometimes the first step in any battle in my experience is making a decision, praying about it in faith and believing. I leaned a lot tonight about the facts with basic statistics about cancer. If you know you can win, it’s the first step in believing. See some pictures below. The park is a small maze of reflection that can apply to many subjects in life. Several bridges face one with plaques on the stone. Sculptures and sybolic dead ends change the viewpoint with more topics of discussion. In my stopping point facing the bridges after the donation, the scene presents a choice.