Some of the characters got birds for belated Christmas/New Year’s gifts. Before Christmas Mandy and Winnie got dogs and earlier than that a few of them received big plastic diamonds. After the third one, Octavia wanted one too. However the entire machine was removed from the exit of the store. Bummer! So Octavia ended up with a gold looking ring that has a square top!! Lol. Still looks cool though. Anyways those that didn’t get Christmas presents are going on our first trip and we did a three-sided dice roll for others that wanted to go and could fit in the luggage. mini c won! So Octavia, Ari/Fluttershy and mini c are traveling to our downtown Jacksonville trip. We’ve planned a museum outing, Power Red blood donation, possibly a movie (Scream, the 2022 sequel) and other choices include the metropolitan park by the Jacksonville Fairgrounds, Cancer Survivors Park, Karpeles Manuscript Library, Dan’s Trading Card Shop or the Museum of Contemporary Art (free for frontline employees and those on unemployment).  If we’re feeling strong after giving two units of blood, head out to Seawalk Pavilion where LOLCON “Lovers Over Losers Convention” will be held next month. Mostly checking out the downtown area where our hotel is and getting to know the North side of the river.