I rented Here Today starring Billy Crystal and Tiffany Haddish. Torn during some scenes about continuing through to the end because of language in contrast with a non-typical romantic comedy that was otherwise rolling between short slow waves of tears versus wise fun and principles. I think I would rate this “R”, still if you are watching it with your 13 year old and you are comfortable explaining sexual innuendos and hearing potty humor, then do the guidance thing. I looked past the explicit skits to some tasteful scenes that were chill in a similar matter. Billy Crystal makes some interesting expressions that transcend the distractions and handsomely carried the plot. Tiffany Haddish rose to the occasion as well. Although their characters’ relationship is so out of the ordinary “romantic comedy” stereotype, the storyline and acting made you think they created a subgenre that in whole could relate to our lives in flexible, creative ways. I almost don’t want to recommend it because in my opinion some cuts or edits should’ve been made and the beginning felt obsessive about some secret repitition or knack in the writing and it got on my nerves. Take that overall summary as you may. See you tomorrow most likely with another rental.