Since last movie update I’ve watched three more movies. Ava, The Protégé and Jungle Cruise. I turned off The Protégé in frustration. It and Ava were filled with gun killings and hard to watch violence, overwhelmingly directed towards the star women. I found that particularly disturbing, not only because of their good looks, but in general this wasn’t casual passing violence. As a feminist with many traditional roots, I’m often conflicted about roles that modern women play in relationships and statements in society and entertainment. Still I was thematically offended in these two selections. They seemed to highlight their sexuality and then get their bodies battered and faces bloody like that was a compliment to attraction. That notion aside both were overly brutal and those fighting scenes were the most invested in; over other filmmaking and writing elements.

Jungle Cruise is a Disney flick and Dwayne Johnson is consistently impressive. Emily Blunt is an equally strong supporting actress. The writing is fun and the plot stays fluid. I didn’t quite catch the beginning before the trip started and there were some annoying things in the story, though the depth they create through the adventure is justifiable. I won’t spoil anything specific because I would recommend anyone see it and decide for yourselves.

The blood donation trip starts Tuesday and there was a cancellation through Airbnb because of construction issues. So I went to Hotwire, paid a little more and surprisingly ended up at River City Downtown! I wanted to stay here for sometime like New Year’s Eve. It’s walking distance to Red Cross and Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens which I reserved a ticket for as well. I’m hoping to rent Dune to watch in Jacksonville during the two night stay and one more each night before the trip.