Spencer was surprising. I almost loved the ending, but ended up hating it instead from a vegan perspective. I think Kristen’s acting was somewhat mixed between confusion and iconic. Definitely interesting for sober individuals. I kept asking was this how Diana really was and what about that synopsis I read telling the premise? The one I posted previously… Is there even a prince in this movie? I don’t know any of the history and found myself left out of the equation. That essentially is not ideal, still it turned the film into a trippy character piece with dramatic and impressive royalty scenes. Often out of context except possibly uncommon problems around Christmas that one unique individual faces. I did watch the whole movie and was moved. Often I felt strongly frustrated identifying with her struggle and wondering why they strip her of power and status, smothering her true beauty. Still this is an unusual role in life or on the stage to be. She craved the life of a pop musician? The other odd observation is how some serious mannerisms of Kristen’s seem to cap at that SNL actress whose quirky signature movements are ingrained as comedic. Is she adapting them to say they are not? I’d have to watch it again later. The colors and rich museum rooms are sweet around the holidays like candy we shouldn’t eat.