I rented French Exit and Those Who Wish Me Dead. It was good to see some classic superstar actresses, though I wouldn’t necessarily recommend either. French Exit has a creeping explicitness and pessimism that hit me hard at one point and I stopped it. I thought some of the writing and acting too was better than most, so it was a shame to get to the plateau I did feeling so miserable. I was expecting a romantic comedy and misread something about the introduction. Those Who Wish Me Dead was somewhat similar in the excess of swear words. Both picked on a nerve about attacking people trying to do good in short scenes. It’s haunting two movies would share that thread. The bad guys reek with rampage and gore. Their theme music cliché. Angelina Jolie’s role was oddly attractive in her solo and bitter heroism that barely prevented me from turning off the movie.

Next I’m reluctantly continuing my goal to watch more movies in 2022 with Spencer. Kristen Stewart from Twilight is the historical figure Diana breaking up with Prince Charles. My fear in a year of movies is corruption and desensitization with exposure to bad content and sometimes the kids’ movies are worse in certain ways. So I’m vulnerable to a spirit of change in a different light. There’s no way I’ll catch up to the fan I once was because I spent six years dedicated to music and watched only a handful of movies, so there’s no worry about choices. Karma Journey held me back in addition to measures of success for years because I couldn’t justify watching new ones without adding value to those I had already enjoyed. Since then I bought and discarded too many titles even in deep debt or poverty. Now I wonder if I was punishing them at the same time I was punishing myself.