I haven’t made New Year’s resolutions for Ckwal’s blog and scene yet. Gift money I received after getting out of debt has mostly gone to a few trips to start off the year. In January we’ve mentioned a trip to Jacksonville to donate Power Red through Red Cross. The plan is to also check out Cummer Museum of Art nearby their headquarters. In early February we’re headed back to Houston by plane hopefully to get a tattoo and check on our previous stomping grounds. Finally in late March is Ultra Music Festival. It was cancelled two years in a row and with one major lineup announcement left, plus a special blurred out artist (rumored to be Hardwell’s dramatic return), most likely the tickets and accomodations nearby will sell out. I asked for an early Christmas present and was surprised a family member would love to send me. So the arrangements were made without much delay.

All in all I think we’re trying to see more movies and get out there. On the priority list is to travel to Thailand too to complete a first tattoo on another person and retrace my steps after the mysterious accident in Bangkok. It’s been nine years since I’ve been out of the country and it’s not easy to do, especially if not travelling one way for your job.

Rented a couple movies to kick up the slow start to 2022 and will report back with recommendations if applicable.