I woke up early after about six hours of sleep and started the post Christmas shopping from gift money I received. I took care of some stuff online like the blog space renewal for a year and ordered Tattoo Pens by Tim Hendricks. Then I would normally go back to sleep to get eight hours, but I was worried about Scarlet Witch Gingerbread Holiday Pop. So I got there early and she was still there. Card collectors were present picking up sport card releases and I put her in a Funko hard shell protective case. As I did that leaving the store, I thought that I should gift this one to my previous neighbor friend. She was a young Latino kid with fiery attitude and playful heart. The story of this character fit perfectly with her personality. In that case I decided to check the other store throughout the day to see if anymore showed up. Later I found Mythical Mountain had stocked about three Gingerbread Pops. One Captain Marvel and two Black Panthers! I had to double check the wall to find Holiday Gingerbread Black Panther and contain my surprise. By the way Mythical Mountain is sponsoring Collective Con 2022 in Jacksonville which I’m considering going to in March. It’s the same month as Ultra, so that might be too much.

Currently in the middle of Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings and planning to see M. Night Shyamalan’s Old tomorrow. Also bought a ticket for that NYE showing of The Matrix: Resurrections.