Watched An Elf Story: The Elf On the Shelf, Elf Pets: Santa’s Saint Bernards Save Christmas and rewatched Angela’s Christmas and Angela’s Christmas 2. All available on Netflix. I’m planning to see The Matrix Resurrections soon. Overall it was a warmer day in Florida after a couple cooler days with some rain. I personally haven’t been further north than Texas and Florida since winter of 2017-2018. I sometimes miss the brutal snow and winds of Chicago for example, but not that much because of shelter life for sometime before that complicating things and difficulty finding affordable vegan/cruelty-free winter wear and companies. Mostly the seasons here get somewhat tossed with old memories because of recurring spring/fall-like transition days. I made a coat for last winter here lined with recycled flour bags (type with metal foil lining), donated towels and the sleeveless shirt I posted awhile back. It got fancy cactus buttons later, so I didn’t need to use an extra USB cord for a belt. That and a hoodie is mostly sufficient. So if you’re feeling creative and have unrecyclable items with extra layers, you might be able to get through the winter or downtime.