I finally saw Wonder Woman. I went to Ripley’s Believe It or Not museum yesterday on a diversion and ended up with a DVD. My schedule is fighting with me as I was so dedicated to a full-time overnight schedule even on my bereavement trip. There is an interesting article on how to not let it completely ruin one’s life, but still there is a claim that it will undoubtedly shorten it. Let’s get back to the movie though. Gal Gadot and Chris Pine are quite angelic in this extraordinarily moving DC Comics character based film. Wonder Woman shows us how when even our partner begging an unreasonable voice of reason considering what is happening, we must break away to risk our life for the seemingly impossible. Even with superpowers and faith beyond the norm, she finds herself endangered. I was amazed by the mix of legendary cinematography, animation and film scoring, but more interested in the way her stubborn character managed to work to the advantage of each situation. It was like an antidote to my own struggle.

Earlier in the day at Ripley’s, I remembered a magical, haunting experience from my childhood visiting Saint Augustine as a child. I remember vividly the pirate shooting game room and many feelings like distant Déjà vu mixed with a craving for lingering nostalgia. However for a vegan about to enter into the sixth year it was quite the heartbreaker. Often it seems like there is no place on earth that is home.

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